Why I think Spinning Class is the best thing ever!

Why I think Spinning Class is the best thing ever!

I have been wanting to improve my physical condition for some time now and like many of you, I absolutely hate going to the gym, I’m actually not a fan of exercise in general if the truth be told. Unfortunately, in spite of my dislike of exercise, I am more than aware that without it, I will never be able to achieve the body shape that I want.

With this in mind then, I decided that I would try out some different types of exercise that do not revolve around running on a treadmill or entering the gym at all. During mu search for the perfect exercise, I found spinning, my new favorite hobby and an exercise which has dramatically improved my body in no time at all. Spinning is basically a class where you pedal on a bike, a bike with a twist and here is why I love it.


I have terrible self discipline and I have always known that to get in shape, I would need someone to keep me going. This is exactly what you get with spinning and your instructor will sit at the front of the class and bark orders and words of encouragement to keep you going, and keep you pushing forward. If you are someone who needs to be actively encouraged, this is a great class for you.

Calories, Calories, Calories

Because of the high intensity of spinning and the constant movement of difficulty as you go, you can burn up to 741 calories in a single 45 minute spinning class. I am very well aware of what it would require in the gym to burn these kind of calories and the truth is that I am just not made of the stuff to spend that much time in the gym. Put me on a spinning bike however, get the music pumping and all of a sudden you have burned calories without even knowing it, well, you certainly feel it but the time flies by and the pounds fly off.


Spinning is not just about basic cycling for 45 minutes, during the class you will be told to alter the level and difficulty of the bike so that it feels as though you are on an incline. What this has done for me is dramatically increase the size of my muscles in my legs which make many tasks in my daily life far easier. I was never after big muscles of course, but having increased power in my legs really feels great.


The reason that I love spinning so much is that you kind of don’t really realize that you are working out because of the distractions going on in the class. Not only are there other people to watch but there is music blasting, lights flashing and an instructor talking you through the whole class. These distractions work perfectly to ensure that you keep going until the end, and achieve a great workout without even realizing the time.