Summer 2018 – What’s Going to Be Hot

Summer 2018 – What’s Going to Be Hot

Ladies, we may not even be in winter 2017 yet but we have already turned our attention to next summer’s fashion trends so that you can get one step ahead of the game.

We have already seen some indication as to what will be hot next year from the new additions which have come out recently and the continuations from last summer which we will doubtless see in 2018.

This is the perfect time to start planning your wardrobe for 2018 as you can pick up summer clothing for cheaper prices, and you can start asking Santa for one or two items which can give you a head start for summer. Let’s take a look at what is going to be hot next year.

Pink, Pink and er, Pink 

If there is one color which is going to dominate the high streets next year it is going to be pink, and all of its beautiful tones and shades. The fashion industry is going crazy for pink right now and since Rihanna’s fashion show which featured mountainous collections of pink fabrics, tongues have been wagging hard about the fact that pink is going nowhere. Winter and fall are difficult to rock pink threads but once that sun begins to shine, expect to see it everywhere.

Block Color

After suffering with tie-dye and faded colors in recent years, we are welcoming block colors back into the fashion world in summer 2018. Multicolors have been getting much more popularity in the world’s fashion shows of late and square blocks of colors are the flavor of the month. If you are looking at getting ready for summer 2018 then these are the types of clothing choices that you should be looking out for. Pay close attention to ladies shirts with block colored pockets, a great look for the coming year.


Stripes don’t really help most of us whether we are slim or on the plus size side of things, that is unless they are diagonal. Throughout fashion shows during the fall months, models have been rocking skirts, dresses and slashed tops which feature chunky diagonal striping. As we know, the general public gets fashion around 6 months after the shows and so we can already see that these diagonal stripes are going to be everywhere this summer.


We have had many summers where it has been clothing of the more minimal variety which has caught the eye. In the coming summer however, you can expect this to change greatly as big and bouncy comes back into the fold. Naturally you still want to stay cool when you are out and about and that is why thin fabrics and flouncy dresses are going to be the chicest thing to rock in summer. Stay cool, look great and feel beautiful, a welcome change to the trashy and skimpy looks that we have seen in the last few years.

What fashion choices are you going for this coming year?