London in Winter – Why it’s the best city in the world

London in Winter – Why it’s the best city in the world

As someone who is from the north east of England, I often get frustrated when I speak to people who visit the UK and only go to London. However, I must add that I spent last winter in London with some friends and I realized something which I had probably known for a long time, although was probably a little too stubborn to admit, London is without doubt the best city in the world.


I have to say that winter is probably the season which paints London in the best light and really enhances its features and qualities. And so, as much as I love my beloved north east, here is just a few reasons why winter in London shows this city to be the best in the world.

Cold But Not Too Cold

As the winter sets in on London, the temperature of course drops but given the built-up nature of the city, it never drops too low to the point that it is uncomfortable. This means that you get all of the benefits of the cold weather such as the crunchy leaves on a morning and a sprinkling of mist over the city without having to put on your thermal underwear, thick winter coat with a hat and some gloves.


Summer is a pretty good time for events in London but the winter is where it all really gets going and you can find a huge range of public events for you to get involved in. The theater season really ramps up during the winter months and there are many museums and art galleries who face lower numbers in the winter and offer free entry to counteract this.


I am a huge fan of Christmas and there is nowhere quite like London during the holiday season, New York I will give you props, but London does shine like no other. From the lights down Oxford Street, the Christmas trees that adorn every shop window and street corner and the public markets where you can find Christmas gifts and warming drinks and food. If you want to see Christmas done right, London is the place to go.

Lower Numbers

London is one of the busiest cities in the world, before you even consider adding tourists to the mix. Tourism numbers throughout winter are far lower in London than in other months and this means that the chaos is reduced to a manageable level so that you can get around with a little more ease.

Chance of Snow

Now, most locals will tell you that there is nothing worse than the snow coming down and causing problems with transport links, getting around and all of the other negative connotations that are attached with a snowy day. However, there is very little in this world which delights the spirit and the imagination more, than to wake up on a morning to a city covered in pure white snow and if you are lucky, you may encounter his amazing reality.