How to Look Amazing Each Day

How to Look Amazing Each Day

I make an effort every single day to look great, I make sure that my hair is well styled, that my make up is on point, and that my clothing choice is different everyday, and always stylish!

Many people ask me how I find the time to spend on myself each day and the key for me, is with a solid and consistent morning routine. If you feel as though you don’t have enough time to look great during the day, try out this morning routine to change that around.

Extra Hour

The first step for me is to get up an extra hour early so that I have enough to spend on making myself look great. If you start at 9am, look to get up at 6 in order to give yourself enough time to get ready for the day. Now, the most difficult thing about this is not just waking up, but having the energy to do anything once you are awake. If this sounds like you, then here is how I ensure that I am raring to go, every morning.

  • Routine

I wake up at the same time every day which means that I have trained my brain to know when it is time to get alert and notify the rest of my body to do the same. Try getting up at the same time for a week and you will soon see the benefits that this has.

  • Coffee

I literally couldn’t start my day without a cup of coffee and this forms a key part of my morning ritual. I like to use a French press coffee maker to make my coffee, in part because using a coffee press tastes better, and also because it actually gives me something to do and think about, perfect for waking the brain up.

  • Exercise

I hate exercising and so I like to eat the frog and get this out of the way as soon as possible. I only perform light exercises in the morning such as some yoga and stretching movements, the best way to get pumped for the day.

  • Meditate

The last thing that I do before fixing myself up to look amazing, is to spend 10 or 15 minutes meditating. I am very conscious of how important it is for me to stay calm and reserve my energy levels and through meditation I can do both of these things. Without meditation, I would be far too stressed on a morning to worry about my hair, clothes or make-up and this is why it is essential that I take these 15 minutes to focus on myself.

After I have completed all of these morning tasks, I start to get myself ready for the day. I usually get out of the shower around 7, pick my clothes out and then start to get ready before leaving the house after what seems like a whole day has passed, even though it is only 8am. If you struggle to find the time to look great, try out this routine and see how you get on.