5 Hipster Cafes in London

5 Hipster Cafes in London

London is one of the trendiest places in the world and the hipster look is one that is very much seen in the English capital. In line with the hipster look, comes to the establishments that are draped in the hipster trend such as clothes shops and, somewhat more importantly, cafes.

The cafe scene in London is very cool and there are a plethora of small shops opening up throughout the capital. And so, if you are looking for a trendy and cool place to get your morning cup of coffee, or relax and put in some work, here are the top 5 hipster cafes in London.


This is a coffee shop which is run by Aussies, Aussies who really know their coffee and not only is the setting perfect, very relaxed and trendy in its design, the coffee here is outstanding. You can find this cafe on Titchfield Street in London and the coffee is produced by the award-winning London-based bean seller, Square Mile coffee.


With a name like this, it is no wonder that F*ckoffee attracts so many people through its doors each day. You will find this coarsely named coffee shop in Bermondsey and it is a great place to rock up , get some great coffee and then sit and check your emails. The only downside with the coffee shop for online workers is that your free internet is limited to a solitary hour but there are plenty of charge points about so that you don’t get caught short.

Holborn Grind

I was living in Holborn for around 3 months last winter and this was the best coffee shop that I found in the area. This is a coffee shop which may very well be home to a large number of hipsters, but really focusses its efforts on the high quality coffee which it sells. There are a number of these Grind coffee shops throughout London and whilst this may not be the best in terms of its reviews, it is definitely the most hipster out there.

Look Mum, No Hands

Few coffee shops have managed to appeal to both the hipster and the cycling market but that is exactly what this creatively named coffee shop has managed to do. The cafe is based in Islington and thanks to the fact that the location was once a bike shop, the place screams cyclist chic. Many of my friends said that the flat white here is one of the best that they have tasted and whilst the cafe does sell food and snacks, it is all about the coffee here.

Iris & June

This place has really been designed with hipsters in mind, from its casual seating, the decor throughout and the novel names of the coffees available. Victoria is not somewhere that you would expect to find too many hipsters but this cafe has turned that on its head and has become something of a haven for the local hipsters.