5 Fashion Tips for This Winter

5 Fashion Tips for This Winter

Ladies it is not too late for you to get your hands on the hottest winter trends for the coming months, but you will need to be quick. I absolutely love the winter months as it gives me a chance to dust some items down which have been hidden away all year. Fall can be a tricky time for fashion and pretty limited in terms of the color options available to you. Winter on the other hand is a different story altogether and you can really go wild during these cold months with your fashion choices. If you want to stay hot during these cooler months, here are some of the choices which you need to be wearing.

Duffle Coat

I always say that you should never get rid of timeless fashion classics like a big coat and this year will prove me right. The duffle coat is back and will be all over the high street this winter. Not only are these coats super practical but the come in a  huge range of colors and styles and they look great with a multitude of different outfits.

Burberry Checks

Burberry comes in and out of fashion with fierce regularity and this year those iconic checks are very much in. Resist the temptation to go too crazy however, these checks should be subtle and not dominant when it comes to your outfit. Try to add some style with a scarf or a hat that features that classic check design.


The lumberjack look of checked shirts with a denim jacket over the top shows no signs of going anywhere and this winter you should expect to see it in a big way. This unisex look is very practical and will keep you toasty during the harsh months, and it also looks very cool. Ladies should look for some green checked shirts with denim over the top and a touch of woolen lining for the best look.

Knee High

Your Ugg boots have no place in winter 2017, thank goodness, and it is the classy and powerful knee high boots which are going to be taking over. Make sure that you are looking for knee high boots with kitten heels rather than something larger, tall heels and ice aren’t a great combination. Try to stick to black or brown for the winter months, anything more garish than Earth colors will not look good.


And finally you need to look at incorporating some oversized clothing, preferably knitwear, to your outfit. Oversized clothing splices the hipster/trashy look with winter comfort and it will give you a great look. Naturally you will probably look to use these kind of pieces when you are staying indoors and want to be cosy. A great way to grab these items is to look in vintage or charity shops which will give your outfit a real edgy and cosy look.

What are your fashion choices for this winter? Let us know in the comments.