5 Delicious Foods That Won’t Add to Your Waist

5 Delicious Foods That Won’t Add to Your Waist

There is a general myth that eating healthily means that you have to eat boring and tasteless food in order to get your body in the shape that you want. This however, is just what it says on the tin, a myth, and there are some amazing foods out there which not only taste absolutely delicious, but also foods which will not add anything to your waistline. If you are looking to go on a health kick and don’t want to sacrifice beautiful food, here are some foods which you need to start eating.


Usually people will say that everything which tastes good is bad for you, and whilst this is true in any cases, it most certainly isn’t when it comes to strawberries. These little red gems taste so good that they almost should be bad for you, but they aren’t and they can provide you with the sweetness that you need along with plenty of vitamins.


Eggs not only taste amazing but they are super versatile and you can cook them in so many different ways. Aside from the fact that they taste good, eggs are very healthy and provide you with a great source of protein. Try to avoid frying eggs as the oil won’t do you any good at all, instead think about poaching or boiling them for the perfect snack or breakfast dish.

Nutty Butters

On a personal note, I really miss butter when I go on a health kick and especially when it comes to my toast or morning muffin. I am the type of person who would slather butter over my dishes but I know that when trying to be healthy, this is absolutely criminal. Thankfully I can replace the butter by using cashew nut, almond or peanut butter which is incredibly tasty and super healthy.

Dark Chocolate

Just because you are trying to lose weight does not mean that you need to live like a nun or a monk and chocolate does not have to be completely off the menu. In fact, having a square of dark chocolate which is high in Cacao content is going to give you some protein and satisfy that sweet tooth of yours. Don’t exceed more than a square per day.


Whenever I go on a health kick I find that the hardest thing for me is finding good and healthy snacks which I can eat during the day whilst I am working or traveling to work. One of the best items of food which I have found to satisfy my snacking urges are nuts which not only taste great but provide the body with a great deal of nutrients and vitamins. If you are the same as me and love a good snack to keep you going, why not grab a bag of mixed nuts to keep you going until it is time to eat something with a little more sustenance.

What are your favorite healthy foods? Let us know in the comments below.