3 Websites to get discounted designer bags!

3 Websites to get discounted designer bags!

If you ladies are anything like me then you will know the importance of a high quality, expensive designer bag. Throughout the years I have invested heavily in some of the finest Mulberry, Chloe and Louis Vuitton bags and cared for them as they were my own children, perhaps better in fact. There are some areas of life where I am happy to scrimp and save but bags and shoes is really not one of them. There is nothing that sets an outfit off better than a classy handbag and sometimes it can turn into the centerpiece of your entire outfit.

Now, there is a problem with these bags in that the costs of them are simply staggering. Thankfully for us girls, you don’t have to pick up the best copy you can find in a Turkish bazaar as there are many websites online where you can buy discounted bags, and here are my top 3.

TJ or TK Maxx

TJ Maxx, or TJ Maxx for those in the United Kingdom is a retail outlet that basically shifts on all of the goods that designers can no longer sell. This store is widely regarded as a budget place to shop and whilst you do have to sift through to find anything worth buying, you can grab some bargains. You may be surprised to hear then, that at times this retailer stocks Prada, Marc Jacobs and Chloe items, including bags. The downside with this is that you have to be in the right location to buy them, thankfully however, they have a website. If you are looking for designer bags at a discount – sometime up to 50% off – then you need to monitor the TJ Maxx website.


This website was set up by two shopaholics who were tired of paying out-of-this-world prices for their designer gear, in particular handbags. Over the years the website has struck deals with many high end retailers to sell off the handbags which are overstocked. The website doesn’t have huge amount of stocks so you will need to be quick with anything new that appears. In the last few months alone I have seen limited edition Givenchy bags, Hermes and Proenza Schouler to name just a few. Make sure that you sign up to the mailing list so that you will be the first to know about anything which they have.


Don’t ever overlook the auction site eBay as a great place to purchase your next designer bag. The only thing which you will need to be careful of is ensuring that the bag you are looking at is a genuinely real designer bag. When you are dealing with the transaction, make sure that you avoid deals which are too good to be true, pay close attention to zippers, clasps and buttons (usually where a fake falls down,) and make sure that you’ve done your research so that you know exactly what you are looking for.

You don’t need to spend the earth on a designer bag, hit these sites and grab yourself a bargain.