I'm nicer when i like my outfit

Fashion is a complicated world, but I’m a complicated girls so who better to share your journey with, right? London-based millennial, travel-often, graduate but don’t use my degree, drink too much white wine, love my late nights and late mornings, spend far too much on Oxford Street, sound familiar? Let’s be besties!

So I’m Susie and if you’re expecting a blog where some girl has it all figured out, you’re in the wrong place. I’m confused, and a little lost, and making it up as I go along too, but hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day! Seriously though, I feel so blessed to be in one of the fashion centres of the world, working in the fashion industry, getting way too many freebies, and never getting enough sleep.

I’m happy to be here to share my fashion my advice, my fashion faux-pas, my food journey throughout the city and beyond, and what life is like within the fashion world (hint, it’s pretty cool actually!). Hope you like it!