How Much Do You Know About Your Hair Color Level and Tone?


How much do you know about your hair color and have you ever heard your hair dresser’s comment on hair color? Maybe you think hair color is easily defined. In fact, hair color can be confusing. Usually there is much information of the hair color. Here I will tell you some basics on hair color. […]

Fast Fashion Pleases the Neurological Mechanism


For people all over the world, clothing shopping has been a prevailing recreation activity since human first got the concept of shopping, just like social media. In the 21 century, the development of Internet technology  facilitates the act of clothing shopping, making such recreation available everywhere for everyone. It doesn’t matter too much what you […]

Enter into the World of Lubov Azria, of BCBGMAXAZRIA


The fashion designer Lubov Azria’s inspiration comes from ballet. At his designed works, he integrates aesthetics with the elegance movement of ballet, the grace look of the dancer and their supple bodies. Now, as the Chief Creative Officer of one of the world’s largest fashion houses, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Lubov is in charge of all assortment of […]

The Wonderful Weekender Bags for Wonderful Summer


The summer is already came on this weekend! Are you planning to have a vacation? Are you realize how tiring the packaging is? You need to find a way to make this process more easier. Since you need a right bag to make it easier and bags like Ben Minkoff  style, cute little minis. Before we travel, […]

The Personalized Gifts For Dads On Father’s Day


Dad’s are the one who always stand by us and be ready to help us. In our eyes, they are superman because there is nothing they can’t complete. They are good at grilling, handing and killing pests. Although father never ask for returns, we should express our gratitude to them,Why not preparing Father’s Day gifts. […]